3 main advantages of hydro excavation in Melbourne

One of the best known excavation processes is the hydro excavation, also known as suction excavation or vacuum excavation. This is usually done to remove heavy debris from under the ground using a long pipe which has a diameter of up to 1 foot. The process involves use of water that is under high pressure. The water breaks up the soil layers and then deposits the contents into a debris tank. The whole system is transported using a truck onto the excavation site. This type of excavation has been popular because it uses a process which does not destroy the environment. Most of the excavation companies operate in areas that include water irrigation, gas channels, electrical, communications and even sewer systems. Below are the three main advantages of this type of excavation.

It is the safest method of excavation

Hydro excavation is one of the safest methods known. Most of the excavation companies Melbourne has prefer this type because the companies are certain of the personnel’s safety on the working site. The method also ensures that any underlying conduit pipes are not destroyed. The excavation is quite careful on the underlying utilities. This process of excavation takes into consideration that there are other connections under the ground. The covering layer, which is usually the top soil layer, is easily made into a liquid when pressure is applied on it. It is then taken into a truck using vacuum pipes. Check out Envirolink.

The excavation process is cost effective

Most excavation companies prefer hydro excavation process because it saves on their cost as compared to the expensive traditional methods. The process usually cuts by almost half what traditional excavation process used to cost.  It is good to also know that when you use this process, you work at a rate of ten times faster than the previously used methods. This way, you save on time and also on cost. When the time set for a project is minimized, so do the expenses. Researchers on the cost analysis study have found out that it is the most cost effective method in excavation. For Melbourne companies, this method is the most preferred.


The process is reliable and consistent

Most of the Melbourne excavation companies make sure that they create a good client relationship. One of the ways is by being reliable and consistent. They therefore apply this method because it guarantees you as the client full and properly done excavation work. One way is by ensuring that the excavation trucks are always available. The excavation process is also consistent in that the services that they offer to you today are the same quality services that you will receive tomorrow. In any case they change, then you are assured that they change for the better.

It is therefore good that you opt for this excavation method so that you can benefit from the above advantages and many more. Other advantages include being time effective, accuracy in the processes and leaving no debris around the site. The process also takes care of the environment.

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