3 Insider Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Record Collection Safe in Self Storage

Australia’s $ 1 billion self-storage boom is reportedly expected to grow by 3.3 percent this year. With families needing more space to store valuables, local storages like West Melbourne self storage facilities are growing to keep up with the demands for cheap storage.

The following suggestions will help you get your prized record collection organized and ready to be put into self-storage. Click here Public Self Storage

Climate control

Consider whether your vast vinyl collection might need climate controlled storage as opposed to regular ones available at places such as West Melbourne self-storage facilities. Since excessive heat or moisture can permanently damage records, your attic or basement may not be the right place to store these jewels. Most often than not, if you store vinyl in extreme heat, they are unplayable when used next. Even dimly lit closet spaces are not a great idea since moisture may be trapped in these dark enclosed spaces during humid summer months.

Self-storage is safe

Most self-storages like West Melbourne self-storage facilities have electronic locks these days instead of old school deadbolts. Unlike your garage or closets at home, no one would be banging around looking for jackets or sports equipment at a storage facility, keeping them safe from dents, scratches, and breakage. Once you store them in the way or order that you prefer, you can rest easy knowing they will remain in their protective covering or stacked alphabetically on shelves you have in your personal storage, like your local personal storage places Fitzroy firms offer. You may also be happy to hear that most storage facilities have 24/7 monitoring with video backup for security requirements, if ever necessary.

Organizing vinyl records

Once you have decided to rent a self-storage unit similar to any good Spotswood self-storage facility, you need to figure out how big your vinyl collection is and what kind of space you will require to store them. Usually, a 3×5 or even a 5×5 storage space is just enough for a medium-large vinyl collection. Make sure you organize the records carefully inside your storage unit, especially if you are planning to stack them. Also, try and only store your vinyl collection in the storage unit. Adding other things may release moisture or chemicals that damage the sleeves or records if stored for long periods of time. Keep in mind that when these are stacked on top of each other, vinyl tends to warp downwards due to the weight. Invest in a unit that has built-in shelves or buys some cabinets that can be easily transported to your storage unit to preserve your records correctly. Any serious audiophile knows to keep record sleeves, but if you see some of them have been eaten by mites or are missing sleeves, you can easily buy or order the correct sized sleeves online. An insider tip from a collector suggests buying old milk cartons from your local dairy company or plastic racks to help you organize them better.

For storage options in your local area, you can always search online on websites like https://www.publicselfstorage.com.au.

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